“A Noun, A Verb, and POW”

That’s the well deserved monkier finally taking over the blogs for John “Doesn’t Like To Talk About BeingĀ a POW” McCain. In case you missed it, first McCain made the fairly embarrassing comment that he can’t say off hand how many houses he has, and when the obvious absurdity of this is attacked, the McCain campaign responds with a POW reference.

“The reality is they have some investment properties and stuff. It’s not as if he lives in ten houses. That’s just not the case,” Rogers said. “The reality is they have four that actually could be considered houses they could use.”

Those four include an apartment in Arlington, a ranch in Sedona, and two condos, in California and Phoenix, he said. The others include “some investment properties and things like that.”

He also added: “This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years — in prison,” referring to the prisoner of war camp that McCain was in during the Vietnam War.

Steve Benen has a pretty good rundown of just how much McCain hates talking about being a POW.