I’ve been criticizing the way Obama handled the VP process for a month or so now, and I thought they did a really bad job of continually overplaying their hand with the media (it’s Kaine! No Bayh! No Biden! What about Sebelius?!) But I’ve gotta say that it’s nothing compared to what the McCain campaign has done, floating everyone from Mitt Romney to Rob Portman to Tom Ridge/Joe Liebermann and continually evoked David Petraeus. But the latest one might be the worst, as they’re floating Colin Powell’s name to Politico’s Mike Allen.

Of course, Powell has mostly expressed favorable opinions of Obama, so this is obviously not going to happen. It’s a cheap ploy to get a headline, and maybe focus some attention back on McCain’s make believe foreigh policy expertise/moderate image. You’d think that the media would wise up to this game sooner or later, and call the obvious bullshit what it is.