Wasting Time

Someone actually did a whole study on…Ann Coulter.

Look, here’s what you need to know about Coulter, to say nothing of Savage, Jonah Goldberg (in Liberal Fascism mode anyway) and the handful of others who make a living saying really, really stupid shit; they’re an act. Ann Coulter is someone who has perfected the politics-as-show business schtick. She doesn’t have to say the really outrageous and obviously dumb things she says, and writes. Her pedigree is an exceptionally strong one, and it’s quite obvious she’s a very smart, insightful, person who’s quite capable of being a really good commentator. But that doesn’t make money, saying really outrageous and obviously dumb things sells books, because it’s what the unwashed masses want to read. Given the choice between 300 pages of economic wonkery or a red meat tome all about how stupid and evils the other guy is, Joe Redneck is going to go for the latter everytime, and Coulter has decided she wants to make cash. Which is great. Goldberg is following in her footsteps, or trying to anyway, as has D’Souza and Shelby Steele (well, he’s a unique case in his own right). As for Savage, I’m still firmly convinced he’s a bona fide communist.