Those Media Narratives

If you ever needed solid proof to back up my broad argument that once a narative becomes entrenched it doesn’t change, here you go, from the NBJ/WSJ poll:

While Obama enjoys significant advantages over McCain when it comes to likeability, projecting hope and optimism, being compassionate, and improving America’s standing the world, McCain easily bests Obama on who would be a better commander-in-chief, as well as on being knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle the presidency.

Got that? After confusing Sunni and Shia Muslims repeatedly, miserably bungling regional geography (with no correction to date as far as I’m aware),  and not knowing the facts of an event he’s trying to take credit for, among many others, more voters still see McCain as the more “knowledgeable” candidate. Now I suppose we could submit that people are just that dumb, but they’ve got to get some sort of information to be making these conclusions from somewhere. And considering that the media was so actively trying to cover for McCain that they tried to edit his mistake to the laughable extent that they showed an answer to another question, I think it’s safe to start that conversation with them.