The Right’s Problem

They simply don’t take the time to, you know, learn things. Take this comment from an entry from Doughy over at The Corner (like I said earlier, they’re on a roll today):

Except that the floods aren’t the result of rain, they’re the result of the
extraordinary snow pack in the Rocky Mountains, now melting, and flowing
downstream. Supposedly, all that warm air—due to global warming—caused
more (cold air) snowfall in the Rockies this past winter. (You can’t make
this stuff up.) It was reported during the late winter that the North
American snow cover and snow pack was the most extensive since satellite
photos were first used, i.e. recorded history.

The basic problem with this is, simply, that it’s entirely false. Increased snow fall is not a sign of colder than usual temperatures, in fact, colder temperatures decrease annual snowfall. That’s because (and I assume Doughy took a 7th grade science class, so he should have learned this somewhere along the line) snowfall is precipitation, which requires condensation which, in turn, requires evaporation (you know, the water cycle). Because evaporation is caused by heat, evaporation rates fall the colder the temperature gets. So by virtue of there being less water in the air to precipitate, precipitation (that means snow Doughy) rates fall when the weather gets colder.

I’ll check around for the going rates of 7th grade school fees and send you your bill Doughy.