The Olympics

With all this talk about the Olympics and how they’re affecting the calendar, I keep wondering to myself if they’re really that much of a drag on the campaigns. Do people pay that much attention to them? And in the current media age, with 24/7 cable news and the blogosphere to go along with traditional news coverage, is the campaign media really likely to be steamrolled by Olympic coverage? I don’t know if things have changed, but normally NBC covers the games, and splashes them across all of their networks. So I can understand why MSNBC is sort of talking up that dead space, since in all likelihood that network will actually be airing events for a good chunk of the time. But CNN and Fox will still have airtime to fill 24 hours a day, CBS and ABC still have nightly newscasts, and I assume the blogosphere will still hum along as good as ever.

So is it just me or has NBC played this one really well in convincing candidates that they’ll be drowned out by the Olympics?