The Iraq-Pakistan Border

So I was thinking about McCain’s new gaffe, wondering whether or not I should feel bad for jumping on what is so obviously a mere misstatement, when something occured to me. McCain has a fair amount of these things, and maybe no more than anyone else, but he almost never corrects them.

Now let’s be fair, it’s pretty clear that he said Iraq when he meant to say Afghanistan, which is a fairly understandable mistake. If he’d said Iraq when he meant to say, I don’t know, South Africa, I’d be a little worried, but this is fairly straight forward. The problem, I think, is that once he says it, he doesn’t realize he’s said something wrong. I make similar misstatements all the time, I’d imagine we all do, but generally speaking I realize once I say it that it sounds wrong and correct myself. The underlying problem here, to me, seems to be that McCain doesn’t realize he’s made a misstatement when he says these things, which suggests that he’s not well versed or attentive enough in these matters to recognize when something just doesn’t sound right.