Senator Reed in Iraq

Via the Times I see that Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island is joining Obama on his trip to Iraq, and Sunday being full of pundits masquerading as it is, that’s set off the expected VP bells (why do any investigative reporting when you can pull out Senator X and talk about his VP prospects like everyone else?).

Anyway, the chief rationale for Reed seems to be that he’s Catholic and used to be an Amry Ranger. His Senate seat probably wouldn’t be a problem to hold onto to, so that gives him a leg up on some other Senators. Obama is being more or less tight lipped about who’s being vetted, so anything’s possible I assume. I tend to lean towards things like this being more of an indicator of who Obama is considering for cabinet spots, adviser positions, or who he just feels comfortable with from the Senate. Hagel is obviously going as political cover, and I suspect Reed is there as a go to guy on technical aspects of military conversation.

Remember that it was Graham and Liebermann who went on McCain’s last trip through Iraq and Europe, and neither of them are likely to be getting tapped as VP.