Putting it Delicately

Why exactly do political news publications feel the need to muddy unpleasent things? Take this line from Politico’s piece abut VP positioning today:

Perhaps not by coincidence, Crist also recently announced his impending nuptials, removing what was widely thought to be one of the main obstacles in his path to the McCain ticket — his bachelorhood.

Except that it’s not “bachelorhood” that was a “problem,” it’s that Crist is widely assumed to be gay. And maybe it’s impolite or eye opening for a publication to run that, but then shouldn’t they just avoid it altogether? It certainly seems that misinforming your readers is at least worse than passing along unpleasentness. Or maybe report it as a rumor, maybe even present it as an unfounded, outrageous, one if you have to. Either way misrepresenting facts, for whatever reason, is a real problem with certain aspects of political niche publications, and one we ought to be more upset about than we are.