Obsessive Bloggers

One thin I’ve had trouble getting at times is the tendency of some bloggers to become literally obsessed with someone else. K-Lo’s thing for Rush Limbaugh has got to be the most obvious, and the most eye roll inducing. Take today, it’s just afternoon, and she already has 5 posts involving Rush in some fashion up. And it’s not like there all involved, thoughtful, on point pieces of writing. Here’s her latest:

“Just call it a contract for America.” — Rush’s show opening today.

That’s it. That’s the whole entry. Apparently NRO is a place to sit until the job as Rush’s transciber opens up.

And the crazy thing is that it just doesn’t make any sense. Rush Limbaugh is a guy who stumbled into a radio show and became successful because he says what people on the right-wing want to hear, like any good business person in the entertainment industry. Rush doesn’t pull in however many listeners he gets these days because he has an expert opinion on anything, because the listeners expect to learn something about economics, politics, foreign policy, or whatever that they didn’t know before, or anything like that; they listen because Rush reinforces what they already believe and validates their opinion through sheer repitition. It’s a great business model, but it’s not exactly the height of intellectualism or political thought, even on the right. K-Lo, on the other hand, went to Catholic University and has actually studied philosophy. So why she feels the need to reflexively demur to a less qualified individual, albeit one with a large personality (and radio contract), probably says more about her than it does about anyone else.