Not Spending Time With the Troops By Spending Time With the Troops

This is just really, really, funny:

The problem, as noted by many e-mailers, is that the shots are taken are from a gym on an American military post. That’s right, McCain’s camp went after Obama for ditching a trip to see wounded troops with images of Obama’s visit to see American military personnel stationed in Kuwait last weekend.

Good thing for McCain, the picture is too blurry to make clear Obama is with soldiers at the time.

I’m sure the McCain campaign just couldn’t get their hands on any of the top quality footage of the visit. Certainly Senator McStraighttalk  would never allow the image to be intentionally blurred to mask the fact that his campaign’s really despicable attack ad is really tremendous bullshit.

In any event, stop bitching about using the troops. No one is allowed to use American soldiers, or military service, in general for political points…except for John McCain, who has of course made an entire career on pretty much nothing else.