More Jonah

Doughy is just trying waaaaaaaaaay too hard today. In availing Obama for his choice of venue for the convention speech:

Take his decision to deliver his acceptance speech at Invesco Field at Mile High in Denver. It seems that the venue for the rest of the Democratic convention – the Pepsi Center (occupancy 21,000) – is just too small.

Obama says he wants to give the common folk more “access” to the process. Only a man with an Olympian’s sense of entitlement to mass worship could describe such a choreographed descent upon a place called “Mile High” as an effort to bond with the common man. A demigod, it seems, is never so tall as when he stoops to bask in the adoration of the little people.

Right. Because if you were ever going to hang out with your everyday, domestic light beer drinking, working class white male types, an NFL stadium is clearly the last place you’d go to find them. NFL stadiums are well known enclaves of Shiraz sipping limo-liberals who stop into watch football between procurring abortions for 13 year olds and going on gay bandido runs.

But seriously, I don’t get the fervor over the stadium venue. I mean, I understand it from the right, because the thought of your television set being filled with the venue of Obama delivering an historic speech at an historic moment in front of nearly 80,000 with the kind of overhead shots you tend to see during the Superbowl is understandably terrifying to them, but then why are Democrats so scared of it? I understand that the last time someone tried this, JFK in 1960, the crowd while large, only filled half of the stadium and was viewed as diminishing the gravitas of the speech/moment, but how many people really think Obama is going to have a problem bringing people to the event? He’s already packed an ovrflow crowd into the Pepsi Center before the primary, if memory serves (sorry I can’t find a direct link, everything for the firt 10 pages of Google is about the convention), and that was without the tens of thousands of people who come along with the convention itself. 45,000-50,000 people should be an automatic. So why are Democrats siding with Jonah Goldberg again?