More Corner

The Corner is rocking today, but this one is going to be tough to top, today or ever. In an otherwise good post examining the decline of spontaneous play among children, and in a post that starts from the question of seeing yards with children’s toys scattered around, but no children playing, we somehow wind up, you guessed it, here:

And then there is the least attractive possibility, but the one I thought of immediately on reading the question: In 1995, when Norma McCorvey publicly announced her new pro-life views, she was asked what had changed her mind. McCorvey, aka Jane Roe — of Roe vs. Wade fame — told a story about walking past a playground in her Texas town, and seeing that it was empty. For some reason this hit her hard. As the questions “where are the children?” and “why aren’t there any children playing here?” swirled around in her mind, she became very emotional and broke down in tears. The absent children, she felt, were a result of her work. Next thing you know she had become a member in good standing of Right to Life.   I recall hearing this story on NPR at the time, weeks after having my first child, and tearing up myself. 

Yep, that’s right. The reason that those people have all those children’s toys in their yard but no kids to be seen is obviously because the kids were aborted.

Is there a maximum IQ ceiling to be allowed to post at NRO or something? And how does someone who is genuinely thoughtful, measured, and srious like a Manzi or Derbyshire co-exist with the Jonah Goldberg’s, K-Lo’s, and other hacks? And not even particularly good hacks at that.