Missing the Point, Covering Your Ass

David Kuhl tries to “explain” why McCain isn’t doing well with hispanics, and this is the best he can come up with:

The biggest reason for the shift, though, has been the heated debate over immigration reform that has alienated many Hispanic voters previously receptive to the GOP — and that nearly cost McCain, a co-sponsor of the bipartisan 2006 immigration reform bill that inflamed conservatives, his party’s nomination.

Except that none of that is true. The idea that hispanic votes hinge on immigration issues is downright racist in its connotations, really ridiculous in as much as it focuses on illegal immigration. Yes, some of the nativist (as in racist) language that comes regularly from people like Malkin, Savage, The Corner, and other corners of the right-wing don’t help Republicans any, but hispanics have always leaned to the Democrats. Even when Bush was doing better than usual for a Republican, Kerry still won hispanics by nearly 15%.

And what exactly was the basis for McCain’s strength amongst hispanics again? That he had “street cred” on immigration? And oh yeah, that hispanics hate black people. So McCain had the same stance as Obama on the issue that the lighter-brown people care about (as opposed to being like everyone else and voting based on the economy, healthcare, education, Iraq, and so on. Brown people don’t do rational things like that, they vote on immigration and affirmative action), and hispanics hate black people, so naturally McCain was going to win hispanic voters. Right?

The real problem here is that the only people to report on the media’s screw ups are…the media. And so they cover their asses relentlessly. So hispanics aren’t supporting Obama because they are generally a Democratic constituency who was always going to support the Democratic Party (which would mean the pundits were 187% wrong during the primary), they’re supporting Obama because McCain back tracked on immigration reform. Yeah, that’s it. In much the same way that the media blamed exit polls for their screw ups in 2000 and 2004, never mind that there was nothing wrong whatsoever with the data, pundits will continue to create these really absurd, really simplistic explanations as to why things didn’t happen the way they told you it was going to happen. But pundits, and journalists, are never wrong. Ever.