Megan McArdle is Not a Feminist

If you missed this from Kathy G, read it, if for no other reason than the entertainment value. He on going feud with Megan McArdle is sheer blogging delight.

I should say that I share Kathy’s utter disdain for McArdle, if not the passion. To put it bluntly, she is to “intellectual” punditry what Jake Tapper is to journalism, or worse. She’s an insepid, childish, hack whose writing in a mildly prestigious publication that she, presumably, gets paid good money for wouldn’t so much as pass as a writing assignment as your local community college. She literally never cites a source, or seems to so much as read anything approaching real study, research, or empirical evidence before weighing in. She does, however, throw out a lot of the same economic tripe, misconceptions, and outright distortions about basic economic ideas that you could coincidentally hear more or less any day on some right-wing radio show.

And she’s not a libertarian either. That might be one of the most absurd claims she’s ever made.

Anyway, if you were doubting her feminist street cred, here’s her latest entry:

Commenter Freddiemac asks me whether the vicious pack behavior displayed by girls is nature or nurture. Given its universality, and how young it appears, I’d bet mostly nature with an able assist from the surrounding culture. I expect this also explains the visceral pleasure that most women get from gossip, which most men really don’t seem to enjoy nearly so much–the perhaps sad truth is that I feel closer to my female friends when we have gotten through a really good round of “what’s wrong with everyone else”. Though I don’t actually find what seems to be the male equivalent, “who’s winning the cocktail party?”, any more attractive.

But saying “nature” doesn’t tell us the thing is inevitable. Lots of behaviors are natural, like rape and murdering strangers, that we struggle mightily to overcome–and mostly succeed.

Good God almighty, are there any non-stereotypes in there? Putting aside the fact that she’s equating her critics imagined reactions with rape and murder (except that we’re capable of not doing that, not so much with being bitchy) I’m just wondering how anyone squares away a blatant statement that all women are naturally catty bitches and they just can’t help it with the claim that the same person is a feminist?! And that’s really the rub with McArdle; I suspect that deep down she knows she’s totally full of shit, that she has no business doing what she’s doing, that’s she’s an intelletual featherweight soaking wet, and the vapidness and chic labels (libertarian, feminist, whatever is next) are ways of covering and compensating.

Or she’s just a lying hack.