McAullife Lets the Cat Out

McAullife speculates that Hillary will be speaking at the convention on Tuesday night, which would mean McAullife thinks she definitely won’t be VP.

Tuesday would be an odd time for Hillary to speak. For one thing, Tuesday is the night of the keynote address, or it is if they stick to the 2004 schedule. With only an hour of time being allotted by the networks, that would mean that they’d either be allowing 20-30 minutes for Clinton, or she’d be giving the keynote address. Neither scenario makes much sense to me. In any event, the Vice-President speaks on Wednesday night.

Also, anyone ready to start speculating on convention speaking spots? I’ll offer up the following; first of all, they should blow up the scheduling. 2004 was really, really bad in that it was way to focused on speeches by family. There was no reason for Theresa Kerry and Chris Heinz to be giving featured speaking slots on Tuesday, or Elizabeth and Cate Edwards on Wednesday. The Republican’s model worked much, much better media wise, drawing much more attention for the prime time speakers, with the exception of Barack Obama’s keynote address.  So with that in mind, I’d schedule Bill Clinton and Al Gore for 30 minutes each on Monday night, give Hillary Clinton a full hour Tuesday, have the keynote address given by Mark Warner, or some other “new” Democrat who is in a comfortable situation electorally and in a good position to reap the benefits keynoting the convention brings nationally, lead into the VP nominee’s (cough, Sebelius) speech on Wednesday, and obviously Obama speaking on Thursday night.