Manny Ramirez

Well things come to a head, Manny wants out, the Red Sox want him gone, and hardly anyone is shopping. Ken Rosenthal breaks down how it all happened.

Basically, Manny’s former agent did him a real disservice by letting the Red Sox add two option years to the end of his deal, and now Manny’s in a really bad spot, working on basically 3 one year deals in a row. Manny has a well known love-hate relationship with the Red Sox and Boston in general, and everyone seems to be more or less tired of it. I’m not really sold on the Manny-as-bad apple idea, I think he’s just in a really bad situation and really wants out of Boston. Any other contender would be really stupid not to trade for him, if they’ve got the ammunition to do it, because Manny’s basically going to be on his best behavior trying to get the best deal he can at the end of the year. So you’re going to get one of the best hitters in the game working his ass off for the rest of this season.

So where does he end up? Hard to say. The Mets don’t have the pieces to make a deal, a non-contender like Colorado or Pittsburgh could start a somewhat complicated process by which they would send their All-Star left fielder, that they can’t keep much longer, to Boston for Manny, decline his contract option, and then pick up a couple of draft picks for the effort. But ultimately, I think Philadelphia should make the deal to swap Pat Burrell for Manny Yes, Burrell is having a great year, but Philly has been waiting on him to bust out for a long time, he’s had some really bad times since Philly gave him a big contract, and there’s no reason to necessarily believe that Burrell could either keep these numbers up for the rest of the season, or that he could maintain them in the next few years. On the other hand, in Manny Ramirez they’d be getting one of the best postseason hitters in the history of the game to hopefully help them get over the hump, who’d surely be more than happy to put up crazy numbers in the sandbox that is Citizen’s Bank Park.

And imagine trying to pitch to a lineup of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Manny Ramirez, Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino.