Maliki’s Politics

I’ve been thinking some more about the political aspects of Maliki’s decision, and while it’s certainly true that Maliki would have to have some sort of withdrawal position in order to be competitive in the local elections upcoming, it’s also true that he needs to remain in the good graces of the United States for the moment anyway. And the more I thought about it, the clumsier the statement appears. I mean, a political figure in Maliki’s position would generally not want to be seen as favoring one candidate over another in a US election, especially not the candidate from the opposing party of the current President, which sort of leads me to believe that Maliki did it entirely knowing what it entailed. Now there’s a couple of plausible arguments for it I suppose. You could accept that Maliki is increasingly put off by Bush and his apparently really outrageously crazy demands¬†for an agreement with Iraq, and was looking to deliver Bush a political embarrassment or something like it. Or you could think, as I find increasingly plausible myself, that Malaki simply regards it as most likely that Barack Obama is going to be President of the United States 6 months from now, and wants to start making nice early.