Kicking the Goat

Only someone like K-Lo could actually write this:

The front page of the Washington Post (yes, I sometimes read paper newspapers) has the headline “Obama Fiercely Defends His Patriotism.” Isn’t there a problem when a candidate has to “fiercely defend” something so fundamental? Shouldn’t a candidate for president and his advisers and supporters exude such a thing?

The problem here is that, fundamentally, Barack Obama is the American dream. Born of mixed race at a time when miscegnation was still illegal in many states, his dad runs out, his single mother and her parents raise him, which creates a dyanmic that has to be weird in a black child being raised by his white relatives, never really knowing his black family. Statistically speaking, this isn’t a good socioeconomic recipe for success. But Obama gets to an Ivy League school without a legacy, he gets an Ivy League law degree, and he’s now on the verge of becoming the President of the United States. If that’s not the picture of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, I don’t know what does. If Barack Obama is elected President, I never have to wonder if I’m lying to my son when I tell him he can do anything he wants to with his life, because Obama is walking proof the American dream is still attainable, even if it becomes increasingly difficult to do so.

And it’s only because people like K-Lo are shameless enough to drag a race through matters of flag-pins, pledge lies, and “secret Muslim Husseing terrorist connection” smears that it’s an issue. To make a long story short, K-Lo doesn’t get to bemoan that patriotism is an issue unless she wants to cop to her own lack of human decency being the chief reason for it. So shut up.