For a “Liberal Magazine…”

The New Republic sure puts up with a lot of textbook, right-of-center, reactionary writing under its masthead, mostly from Jamie Kirchick. Here’s his latest gem:

Hey Nutroots, You Lost

The Wall Street Journal’s lead editorial today catalogues Barack Obama’s dramatic reversals on a wide array of issues over the last few weeks alone. From NAFTA, to the Iraq War to the FISA bill, Obama is now taking positions markedly at odds with what he said were his positions during the Democratic primary. One can chalk this up to the usual gymnastics that a candidate has to perform to win a general election. To a degree, that’s true (it also shows Obama’s steep political learning curve). What it all underlies, however, is just how politically marginalized are the “Netroots,” and, by extension, the left-wing of the Democratic Party. The Journal goes so far as to label these series of shifts as an indication that it is Obama, just as much John McCain, who is running for “Bush’s Third Term.” And it’s hardly just the conservatives on the Journal editorial page noticing these moves. Witness the ever-excitable Glenn Greenwald throwing hissy-fits. Markos Moulitsas announces that he’s holding off on giving money. Arianna Huffington huffs ‘n puffs. By rejecting these people and their radicalism, Barack Obama isn’t just showing that he wants to win, but that he wants to govern the country responsibly.Now I’ve been mildly critical of the netroots focus and tactics over the past few days, mostly on the Obama-FISA matter, but this is, obviously, over the top and is just a manifestation of a personal war (that Kirchick’s getting blugeoned in by the way). Kirchick and the netroots have been at each other’s throats for years. You shouls also keep in mind that Kirchick, and TNR in general, were cheerleaders for “regime change” in Iraq and endored Lieberman…for President in 2004.Kirchick finishes us off with this:

Why Democrats have ever listened to these people is beyond me. Let’s applaud Barack Obama for ignoring the nonsense wing of his party.

I dunno, they did have the good sense to oppose the war and try to dump Lieberman. Then again, Kirchick is still defending ole Joe.

And for good measure, Kirchick compounded the right-wing rhetoric, with this headline to a copy & paste job about Thad Cochran’s allegations against McCain’s temper:

And This is Bad?

Well, assuming it’s true, yeah. Generally speaking you shouldn’t rough people up in diplomatic meetings.

But the grand poobah of Kirchick-rific right-wing liberalism might be this absolutely absurd article he wrote for Politico in which he “concludes,” get ready for this, that the Obama campaign has been the ones trafficing in smears and that he can only find examples of TWO “direct” smears against Obama. Right Jamie, keep up the good, “liberal,” work for the “liberal” TNR.