Ultimately, I don’t really give a shit about the cover of The New Yorker any week, but since the latest one is getting so much attention, read outrage, I suppose I’m obligated to devote a short amount of time to it, so here goes.

It’s a cartoon, on the cover of The New Yorker. You get the point of it, to make fun of all the viral smears against the Obamas. It might be poorly done for the medium of satire in that it merely reflects what it tries to ridicule, instead of absurdly magnifying it a la Stephen Colbert, but you still know what the point of it is, and you don’t really think The New Yorker was trying to say that Michelle Obama is a black nationalist militant and Barack is a Muslim terrorist, so stop acting like you even had that impression for a nano-second. Leave the manufactured outrage to World Net Daily and Newsmax.