And There it Is

Derbyshire, of all people, hits the Maliki-Iran connection, and gives a full throated voice to the call for empire and, in summation, “fuck all them foreigners” sentiments:

Now that our American blood and money has seen off most of the enemies of Maliki and his Iranian pals, it is perfectly natural for them to believe they can finish the job themselves, without further assistance from us. Maliki can now afford to start putting distance between himself and the U.S.A. — essential for political viability in a region where the U.S.A. is pretty generally hated.

We should tell Maliki, loudly and in public, that he owes his job to us, and that further prosecution of our military operations in his country will be conducted with regard only to U.S. interests, as determined in consensus by our established domestic political processes. And if he doesn’t like that, he can go to hell.

You can’t get more explicit than that. As far as Derbyshire is concerned, our actions in a foreign, sovereign nation will be governed without concern for the sovereign power and if they don’t like it, they can “go to hell.” How exactly do you not call that empire?