A “Mockery”

John Weaver eviscerates the McCain campaign:

With the release today of a McCain television ad blasting Obama for celebrity preening while gas prices rise, and a memo that accuses Obama of putting his own aggrandizement before the country, Weaver said he’s had “enough.”

The ad’s premise, he said, is “childish.”

“John’s been a celebrity ever since he was shot down,” Weaver said. “Whatever that means.  And I recall Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush going overseas and all those waving American flags.”

Weaver remains in contact with senior McCain strategists and, for a while early this year, regularly talked to McCain.

The strategy of driving up Obama’s negatives “reduces McCain on the stage,” Weaver said.

“For McCain to win in such troubled times, he needs to begin telling the American people how he intends to lead us. That McCain exists. He can inspire the country to greatness.”

He added: “There is legitimate mockery of a political campaign now, and it isn’t at Obama’s. For McCain’s sake, this tomfoolery needs to stop.”

The interesting thing, I think, is how this seems to have started more and more since Charlie Black’s role in the campaign was reduced, and the campaign was handed over to Rove protege Steve Schmidt. At the heart of it, I think, is an underlying belief that McCain can’t win no matter what he does, so the right-wing Rove types around him aren’t feeling particularly restrained by decorum or seriousness, and so they’re lashing out with these silly attacks. Add in to that McCain’s well know disdain for people who dare to question the greatness that is John McCain (seriously, where the hell has Jon Chait been?), and you’ve got a recipe for juvenile attacks and snarky videos that don’t look appropriate for a student government campaign.