$52 Million

That’s the Obama fundraising number for June, which had been poo-pooed down a bit of late. First Read reports:

As the political world anticipates Obama’s upcoming overseas trip, his campaign this morning released a shiny object for us to discuss: his June fundraising numbers. In an email to supporters, campaign manager David Plouffe announced that Obama raised $52 million last month — which is his second-best haul (he raised more than $55 million in February) and it’s more than twice the amount of McCain’s $22 million haul for June (which was his best month).

That basically tells you all you need to know. In June of all times, Obama came within $3 million of breaking his own single month fundraising record, with an average donation of $68. The DNC also had their best fundraising month, banking $20 million to give Obama and the DNC a combined cash on hand total of about $92 million. The McCain-RNC camp has about $95 million, but that doesn’t really mean anything at this point, in part because if you were to also include the congressional campaign committees the Democrats are crushing the Republicans, and because cash on hand is sort of a sticky measure. Obama and the DNC have drastically outspent the Republicans on organization and are building up one of the biggest field operations ever seen in American politics. So that they still have parity with the Republicans is extremely good for them. To put an analogy to it, imagine that you have $500 on hand to spend for the week, and your neighbor has $450. But your neighbor has already bought his groceries while you haven’t. It’s essentially the same thing here.

July will be more interesting, as we get further into the summer and the range of Obama’s moves to the center become accounted for, but a haul of $40 million should be fine. Obama can afford a bit of a tail off through the dregs of summer now that he’s opened up a t a figure right around where he needed to be, because one would assume that he’ll have spikes of small donor activity after the convention and at moments through September and October.