You’re Joking Right?

I’ve generally regarded Ambinder as a pretty mellow voice of reporting-analysis blending, but he’s on a roll of whoppers lately, roughly since the general campaign got under way. I think this one takes the cake though:

There’s plenty of buzz in town about Kay Bailey Hutchison’s new communications adviser — Rich Galen, formerly with Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign, the Bush White House, the RNC, and Newt Gingrich’s shop. Mr. Galen is on paid staff as a “senior adviser” and is said to be a prevailing voice in the office. The chain of speculation looks like this: She hires Rich Galen, increases her profile on national cables and now her staff is getting restless. (That doesn’t translate to running for governor of TX.) Does McCain double down on experience and bring the HRC women by choosing her?

Remember all those people who were accusing media pundits not waxing over the reality of Obama’s advantage as “sexist?” Well this is the kind of shit they should have been jumping on. Other than lack of a Y chromosome, what exactly do Hillary Clinton and Kay Bailey Hutchinson have in common? Does Ambinder really think that female voters gravitate solely on the basis of gender, with no regard to policy positions? Really? And this is taken seriously?