Veepstakes: Biden Edition

Ezra lays out a pretty compelling case for Joe Biden to be Obama’s VP.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was an early Biden fan, and he would have been my first choice for President had he been viable (as it was, I waffled back and forth between Obama and Edwards until it became clear Edwards wasn’t going to be getting any traction around December), and for many of the reasons Ezra cites. The succinct, straight forward rhetoric on foreign policy and Republicans was well delivered and well constructed, and it’s not something Democrats do well.

The problem with Biden may be, first of all, that he’s been around forever, which doesn’t bolster Obama’s new wave feeling, and that his long resume and renowned foreign policy expertise could exacerbate the narrative of inexperience the press and John McCain are cultivating about Obama. He’s also a Senator in a very good place, between chairing the Foreign Relations committee and having a seat on the Judiciary committee, so VP might not make a whole lot of sense for him.

He certainly belongs on the short list though.