The Danger of Modern Media

This article on John McCain’s penchant for mistaken facts is interesting reading enough, but this off-handed blurb sticks out to me:

Just imagine if Barack Obama had been talking this way, repeatedly. The inevitable TV ad, from the Republican National Committee or some surrogate group, would probably go something like this:

(Slasher-movie music, grainy black and white footage of Obama in slow motion.) “Barack Obama wants to be your president. And yet, in this moment of national crisis, he does not know the difference between the key Iraqi constituencies. He does not know who really holds the power in Iran. He does not even know how many of our brave troops are currently stationed in Iraq, protecting our way of life here at home. In this dangerous world, who would best protect us – an untested politician who can’t get his facts straight, or John McCain, the kind of American president that America has been waiting for?”

The reason for this is obvious; the media has already set it’s narrative, and John McCain is the military/foreign policy guy. Contradicting stories cannot be allowed because it would both make the cable “journalists” work a little bit and force them to tacitly admit they were wrong in their political framing. Neither can be tolerated.