Tapper Watch

Jake Tapper is still misrepresenting his own organization’s polling numbers. In this otherwise hacktastic post all about a single standout Clinton dead-ender at yesterday’s Unity rally, he one ups himself by going here:

According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, 24% of Clinton’s supporters are thinking of supporting McCain in November, with Obama only winning 62% of them as of now.

Ok? Am I supposed to see something in that? First of all, it’s not unusual for a linering effect after a bitter primary. Secondly, it’s not that large of a number. It’s roughly equivalent to the share of evangelical voters John Kerry received in 2004. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say George W. Bush had an evangelical problem in 2004. And not to go bringing the poll into this, this is the poll I wrote about here, which is chock full of good news for Obama. From gaining substantial shares of the female and Hispanic votes to a concern about McCain’s age (39%, or more than 24% for Tapper, would be concerned about a President entering office at over 72 years of age), to a core finding that there was no evidence Obama was having substantial trouble in Clinton’s core demographics, the poll, if anything, shows the shoring up of the Democratic coalition and the general weakness of Republicans this cycle. But ABC and Jake Tapper have continually misrepresented the numbers to paint the picture of a tighter race than it really is at the moment, and now Tapper is using a meaningless single number to justify an amazingly absurd post about one semi-attached to reality person at an otherwise typical political rally.

The man really has no shame.