Public Financing

So, did Obama flip-flop on public financing? Probably. Technically he did only promise to “aggressively pursue an agreement,” but it doesn’t really look like he was all that aggressive, if for no other reason than talks would have gone nowhere. The RNC would never agree to limiting themselves and McCain already green lighted the right-wing 527’s, so there was no way Obama was going to put himself at a disadvantage.

And you know what? I like that. Obama is clearly a proponent of public financing. I’m sure that, personally, he would have preferred a publicly financed campaign. But his opponents weren’t down for a level playing field, he was going to have the advantage outside of the system, and he would have been at a disadvantage inside the system. So Obama put personal preferences aside to make the most pragmatic choice based on the real world landscape. That’s downright refreshing after the Bush administration and a¬†generation of right-wing holding to myth as a basis for their governing actions as opposed to actually looking at real world, empirical, evidence to the contrary.

And it’s not like McCain is in all that good a place to make hay out of this, what with blatantly breaking the campaign finance law and all. That he’s even flirting with it is a sign of desperation.