On Hillary and RBC

After immersing myself in pro-Clinton blogs and digesting an unhealthy dose of Harold Ickes, I can come to only one conclusion from the past 24 hours; Hillaryland is determined that Obama will lose. Why I can’t tell you exactly. I certainly don’t imagine they could think, or at least that someone in the position of a Clinton or an Ickes could think that Hillary could come back in 2012 and secure the nomination after dragging out a fight she was bound to lose and firing up her supporters to bring about a McCain victory. The activists, and the machine, would undoubtedly hold it against her, making a future nomination next to impossible. But then, we’re told Hillary has just now realized she can’t win, so maybe she does think that.

On the other hand, I think it’s more likely that they’ve decided simply that if she can’t have it, no one can, and that she’s going to take everyone else down with her, most definitely that “inadequate black man” who stole her thunder.

And really, when you think about it, how exactly do they justify these things? How exactly do they convince themselves they’re championing Michigan, when Harold Ickes gives an indignant response…to accepting the challenge Michigan put forward? It is all just, as Rachel Maddow presciently put it, “post-rational.”