As I’ve said, at this point I think priority number 1 for Obama has to be neutralizing, not accomodating Hillary, and Andrew has a pretty damn good idea on how to do it.

My bet: The presumptive nominee will publicly offer Senator Clinton the lead role in his administration for healthcare reform. He may have to doll up the title to make it appear grander than HHS but some kind of cabinet level health czar position might work. Her fallback position is to offer to spearhead the legislation in the Senate – why not name the bill after her? – and campaign on this subject for the ticket through the fall. Offering her healthcare may be too petty for her privately; but that’s why it calls her bluff on the whole “I’m-just-doing-it-for-the-little-people” schtick. How can she be seen to treat healthcare reform as an insult to her stature? If it’s her cause celebre, how can it be beneath her?

Personally, I would start by making it clear, through a party leader (I’ve got Nancy Pelosi in mind), that if Clinton wants to so much as be considered for VP, she’ll both concede the race AND fervently endorse Obama by no later than 2:00 P.M. Friday.