More Tapper

I think we’re going to stary an official “Tapper Watch” to go along with the now official “Lieberman Watch.” You’d almost think he reads this blog or something, teeing one up for me this easily:

So … 15 questions.

Three of them were about Obama’s broken promise, 12 were not.

And while certainly it’s important to ask Obama about FISA and other matters, I am rather flummoxed that the press conference was so bereft of conflict.

Didn’t I tell you the media thrives on trivial conflict?

But regardless, let’s go back and recap those 12 questions:

One was about domestic drilling, one asked what he would have done about Elian Gonzalez of all things, one asked about voter roll purges from 2000 and whether Obama thought Bush had really won, one was about nuclear power, one was about Israeli military excercises that appear directed against Iran, one asked if he had “alot of work to do” in Florida, two were about FISA, one was about Bush administration officials testifying before Congress, one was what “he wanted Florida voters wanted to know about him,” and the last was about Mayor Bloomberg. So of those 12 questions, 6 were about policy, and 6 were process, semi-trivial question. The means only 6 of 15 questions were about actual, serious policy, and public financing got more questions (3) that FISA (2), and a potential Israeli military strike against Iran (1). But Tapper is just all a flutter that there wasn’t more “conflict.”