More Puzzlement

What the hell is with this?

Clinton’s response was to act as though nothing really had changed. Her only immediate concession to reality was to drop saying “when I am president.” People have compared her to the guest who refuses to go home, but to the Obama-ites, she’s more like the guest who shows up on the wrong night and then, resisting all hints, stands at the front door for the next six hours, casting expectant glances toward the living room.

She’s obviously planning to quit, but she deserves the chance to do it in her own sweet time.

Did people forget how this election thing works or something? As someone else said, are we going to start giving candidates the option to refuse to except defeat? How is that going to work?

I’d understand the sentiment if we had just finished the Pennsylvania primary and Obama had upset her, but the contest is literally over and she has fewer points. There’s no “grace period,” admit defeat, get off the stage, and go on.

I’ll get flamed for this somewhere, but this just feeds the “Poor Hillary” meme her feminist supporters were recently bitching abut.