Meet the Press

So the new parlor game du jour is to guess the new host of MTP, while my personal favorite would probably be Chuck Todd, I agree with Ezra that he wouldn’t really fit the bill of the show, which is as much public policy as it is electoral politics, and Todd is out of his depth there.

One of the most important things for the new host to do is going to be to rebrand the show. None of them could ever duplicate Russert in style or, at least yet, posture, so they’ll have to tweak it to fit them. My money is on either David Gregory (who may not be at the point of readiness yet), Andrea Mitchell, and, yes, Chris Matthews. Say what you about him, and God knows he irritates me, but Matthews as at least one distinguishing factor; he’s from the world of politics, like Russert, and that gives him a deeper familiarity with the ins and outs of the game that journalists-by-trade do not have, no matter how smart they are. And he does have his own syndicated show, with is much more sedated than Hardball and isn’t really all that bad considering.

But here’s hoping for Chuckie T.