McCain’s Red State Strategy

When I wrote this post about McCain’s campaign election map, the lingering question was whether it was public spin or if it actually reflected the campaign’s thinking. It appears it may be the latter. From Noam:

2.) The [Obama] campaign seems to think it can compete in Indiana. Plouffe noted its proximity to Illinois, the strength of their organization there, and McCain’s non-existent presence. This is presumably one of those states where Obama’s opt-out decision could pay huge dividends.

3.) Similar story for Virginia and North Carolina: Strong Obama organization, little McCain presence. On top of which, Plouffe says there are several hundred thousand unregistered African Americans in these states, whom the campaign is working very aggressively to register. Perhaps most intriguingly of all (as a sign of their priorities, or what they want us to believe are their priorities), Plouffe said he’s dispatched the campaign’s best field staffers to these two states.

In other words, McCain has no presence in new battleground states like Virginia (13 electoral votes), Indiana (11), and various small states that are polling tightly. That jives pretty well with the campaign map he put out cliaming Virginia and such as “safe” states.

In other words, John McCain, or at least his campaign, seems to be totally oblivious to the reality of the political world in 2008.