Kirchick and Ahmadinejad

James Kirchick at TNR has apparently taken to lambasting anyone who dares deviate from the notion that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian state are actually going to kill everyone, especially Jews, sooner or later. It started with a shot at Matt Yglesias, and has now expanded to Yglesias, Michael Moynihan, and Justin Logan.

Putting aside that Kirchick’s Iraq war cheerleading really ought to disqualify him from talking about other people’s estimations about foreign policy, let’s just respond to snark with snark (and in honor of George Carlin, we’ll call it waht it is; Kirchick is afraid Yglesias might have a bigger dick than he does). But more to the point than that, there’s at least 2 things that you’d think someone like Kirchick might know and conider before they went off half-cocked on other people. First of all, the Iranian government is going on 30 years in power, without any overt, existential, acts of aggression against other countries. I won’t count Hezbollah since they’re primarily a domestic group in Lebanon that was founded to fight Israel when they invaded Lebanon, and everyone gives HAMAS money. Secondly, Ahmadinejad doesn’t control Iranian foreign policy. He has no power whatsoever in that realm. He doesn’t call the shots for their nuclear program, he does NOT control the army, he can’t give a single general an order. Now I can forgive Joe Brown on the sidewalk for not knowing that, but you’d think someone who gets to write in the Very Important Pages of The New Republic and Be Taken Very Seriously might, I don’t know, try to learn a little bit more about it than the guy fixing my cable.

Especially before he makes an ass out of himself running down everyone else on the matter.