Jumping the Shark

So I’m watching This Week, and I catch the roundtable for about 45 seconds, and the lineup literally makes me want to vomit. Arianna Huffingtin, Katrina Vandenhueval, Byron York, and Hugh fucking Hewitt. Are you serious? That’s the best ABC can come up with? Arianna Huffington (why anyone takes her seriously…) and the most shameless right wing hack in talk radio? Byron York and Katrina Vandenhueval are the front line in that.

By the way, I don’t dislike Katrina that much, I just wish she could detach herself from her opinions in these roles and be more of an analyst. If I want to hear a bunch of people yelling over each other with ideological points I’ll turn on cab;e. I want to see people like Robert Reich, George Will, and Donna Brazille analyzing things when I watch “serious” news.