Jonesing for Wars

All things considered, comments abot states like North Korea from people like John Bolton and the rah-rahing (however predictable) from Andy Mccarthy and, I assume, a lot of other Cornerites just borders on unsettling:

The only good news is that there is little opportunity for the Bush administration to make any further concessions in its waning days in office. But for many erstwhile administration supporters, this is a moment of genuine political poignancy. Nothing can erase the ineffable sadness of an American presidency, like this one, in total intellectual collapse.

The bottom line is pretty simple; they blew the cooling tower up. That means the nuclear plant doesn’t work. Bolton’s, and the Corner collective’s, problem seem to be that, first of all, they got something out of the deal and, secondly, we didn’t do the blowing up. Now I suppose that the first has some merit if you’re the kind of person who plays sports video games with that option to force trades turned on so you can pick up Kobe and Lebron for a couple of schmucks, but for those of us who understand how the world works, the idea that you have to give something to get something isn’t really that shocking. Especially considering that, in all likelihood, North Korea already has a nuclear weapon, which really limits your options, all things considered. But the cooling tower is no more, which means any hysterical outbursts about North Korea welching on a deal are just that, hysterical outbursts.

And, of course, the second part of that (wanting to be the ones to blow it up) is just totally insane. But I think we already knew that John Bolton was totally insane.