I Don’t Have Words

In the bunker there exists a different reality. In the bunker, Hillary is the winner: of the popular vote, of a series of big swing states, of the authentic American vote. In the bunker, Hillary is introduced by the indefatiguable Terry McAuliffe as “the next President of the United States!” When asked about the reality outside the bunker—that Obama supporters were in a minor rage over Hillary’s speech– McAuliffe looked at me incredulously. “Tonight was Hillary’s night!” he exclaimed. “We won tonight! We won in South Dakota! We keep winning!”

As Jeffrey Toobin said last night, “what does that even mean?” Last night was her night? I do believe it was Barack Obama who clinched the nomination. She lost. And there are no more contests to make up any ground. Hillary might be remembering that superdelegates can change their minds, but she might be well advised to also remember that, of the ones who are, they’re switching from her side to his.

The sooner Obama reaches out to people like Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore to help neutralize Hillary Clinton the better. She seems determined to make sure he loses.