Hank Steinbrenner

God, how big of a bitch can one man be? Now that his ace got a hurt foot running that bases, which sucks by the way, he’s bitching that the National League should be forced to have a DH too.

I grew up an NL guy, so I like the NL game slightly better. I don’t mind the DH at all, but if push comes to shove I like the strategy that having the pitcher bat forces onto the game. Do you pinch hit for a guy pitching a gem late when you need offense? Do you double switch? All of that stuff forces managers to, you know, manage a game in the NL like they don’t have to in the AL. That’s reason number one why I don’t think Joe Torre will have a lot of success in Los Angeles; if he was knocked as lacking in the X’s and O’s game in the AL, he’s going to have a rough go of things in the NL.

But that aside, this begs the question as to whether it would have been different if it was he DH that was hurt? If Hideki Matsui or whichever other $15 million player is DH’ing for Steinbrenner’s club, and tears their foot up, is Steinbrenner going to bitch about the grounds crew? Or the bases being too hard? And complaining about the other league just doesn’t make sense. If it’s a big deal, how about the AL drop the DH and play the real game? And why should the NL accomodate the AL in interleague play, which might be the dumbest premise in a supremely dumb article? National League rosters are built with situational defenders and pinch hitters for the NL game, which is one disadvantage the NL is always at in interleague games, because they just don’t usually have everyday players to put into the lineup in the extra spot. I see no reason why the NL should accomodate the AL and further disadvantage themselves, much less in their stadiums. And forget interleague play, the World Series has worked the same way since the AL institutued the DH 35 years ago, I haven’t heard the Steinbrenner’s complaining through any of their championship years since 1973. The NL doesn’t need to be forced to accomodate the NL, somebody needs to tell Baby Hank to stop being a bitch, at least publicly.

I like the Yankees as an adopted team, but the bottom line is that Hank Steinbrenner is a bona fide embarrassment.

And for taking bets, how many more kiss ass columns are we going to get from New York writers like Kevin Kernan to stay in the good graces of the Baby Boss?