Gen. James Jones

In case you missed it, First Read leaked the news that retired Marine General James Jones is on Obama’s VP short list, and the internet is all a flutter trying to dig up everything they can find on him.

I don’t know much about him, in fact I don’t know anything I haven’t read in the last 24 hours, but my take on this is that it isn’t really serious. Jones has never run for office, he’s apparently very close to John McCain, and he doesn’t seem to have anything I can gather that would inately appeal to Democrats other than a long running fued with Rumsfeld, but McCain also had a pretty prominent fued with Rumsfeld, so that doesn’t strike me as being a huge gain. No one seems to have any idea what any domestic policies would be, fiscal, socially, or otherwise, and do you really want your VP to be “Jim Jones?”

My sense is that it’s one of those media diversion tacts, where you throw out an interesting name no one has ever heard of, the media scambles to dig up everything they can on him, and you accomplish 2 things; you suck all the attention away from your opponent for at least one day, and you get people buzzing about your VP. And maybe get some free public advice as well.