Coming to Terms?

This is just getting onerous now.

Still, despite the fireworks, Mrs. Clinton’s associates said she seemed to have come to terms over the last week with the near certainty that she would not win the nomination, even as she continued to assert, with what one associate described as subdued resignation, that the Democrats are making a mistake in sending Mr. Obama up against Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee.

She’s just now coming to terms with losing? This race has been effectively over at any number of points; Obama’s post Super-Tuesday romp, Obama coming out of Texas with more delegates, Nancy Pelosi telling superdelegates to vote for the pledged delegate leader, and if nothing else certainly after North Carolina and Indiana, but she is just now coming to terms with losing?

I’ll be honest, at first blush I simply didn’t support Clinton because I thought that the Clintons and their cronies had been bad for the Democratic Party on the whole in the 1990’s, and I didn’t want to bring them back to prominence in the party at this precipice. But now, after watching the way she’s carried on detached from the objective reality of the contest, and knowing that only now is she “coming to terms” with losing, I can’t escape the conclusion that she is just not fit to be President in any way.