Begala Opines on Bigotry

Maybe a bit over the top to some readers, but it links BOTH Hillary and Obama’s repsective struggles against their own unique bigotry problems in a way I think Hillary always should have done. She could have garnered a lot more sympathy and/or support if instead of casting the race in racism vs. sexism light (alleging widespread sexism while seeing no racism in her Washington Post interview) she had decried both sexism and racism in the electorate (remember John Edwards saying that if any of his supporters were voting for him because he was the white male that he didn’t want their votes?) and her as a candidate who was calling to our better angels on both fronts, she might have made real headway.

I also want to offer up a bit of praise for Begala while I have the chance. Say what you want about him (and I have in the past been a hater, I admit it) but this cycle, he has been without question one of the best pundits anywhere on TV. I’d put Begala and Donna Brazille up as the best examples of what analysts should be on TV; they try to explain what’s going on, what’s working/not working, what campaigns are thinking, and what they should try to do. Begala freely admits to being a Clinton supporter, but he has also been highly critical of the Clinton campaign (especially Mark Penn) at times on the air. In a world of media pundits gone stupid, one must give credit where credit is due, and Begala has certainly been worth watching.