The Popular Vote

Is the popular vote metric more or less shut off to Hillary? Here’s First Read’s analysis of it

Without adding Florida and Michigan, as noted above, Obama leads by 574,619 votes. Adding Florida to the mix, he leads by 279,847 (16,733,853 to 16,454,006). And adding Michigan but not “uncommitted,” Clinton leads by 48,462 (16,782,315 to 16,733,853). But do note that “uncommitted” vote was 238,168.

Let’s be frank, any superdelegates not in Sen. Clinton’s pocket willing to use the popular vote as a metric is still going to be skeptical about including Michigan, and especially doing so without giving Sen. Obama the uncommitted votes. So if he’s still leading that count by 190,000 or so…where is she going to make that gap up?