The Importance of Liebermann?

Publius thinks Liebermann should stay in his chair in the event of a Senate landslide, to push the Democratic number as close to 60 as possible:

The objection to this argument, though, is that the Dems have no real need for him with the expanded majorities expected next year. Joe may well be necessary for this congressional session, but not so much come next January. That thinking, however, misses a key point.

The problem is that Joe’s vote will actually become more important the more that Democratic majorities expand. More precisely, the closer that the Dems get to the magic number (60), the more vital Joe becomes. Ironically enough, I think Lieberman is more important in a 59-41 Senate than in a 53-47 one.

That, of course, assumes that Liebermann could be counted on to vote to suppress GOP filibusters, which doesn’t seem all that automatic now.