Solis-Doyle to Obama Camp?

Ben Smith reports that the ousted Hillary campaign manager may be joining up with the Obama campaign.

These things aren’t exactly unusual, staffers from losing campaigns often find places with the winner to meet the expanded demands of a general election. Still, talks of this now certainly re-enforce the idea that it’s a matter of when, not if, Obama is the nominee.

And there has been some push-back on this, as Doyle was pretty roundly panned as a horribly unqualified manager after her ouster from Hillaryland (a term she coined by the way). But I assume the discussions aren’t exactly to have her depose David Plouffe as campaign manager, and she is certainly a capable operative in the right capacity, while her history and loyalty to Clinton gives the move potential to be a strong first step in unifying the Democratic Party. She’s also close to David Axelrod, and could presumably fit in Obamaworld well enough personality wise. I’d be quite determined to make it happen if I were Obama.