Sam Nunn

Seems to be getting real VP traction, most notably from David Brooks in this morning’s Times.

Nunn makes quite a bit of sense; he’s a respected foreign policy voice, which Obama could use, he opposed the Iraq War, and famously voted against even the first Gulf War, and believe it or not, he really could carry Georgia. Here’s the thinking; McCain is already on shaky ground in the Southeast, Bob Barr is a respected and fairly popular former Congressman from Georgia who could siphon some of the far right away from McCain (although the specter of Christianists abandoning the GOP to vote for a Libertarian makes me a bit sick) and the margins Nunn would bring, as well as the hypothetically increased African-American turnout, could therefore be sufficient to give Obama Georgia, one of the 10 largest states in the country.

Although God knows I’m going to loathe another term of the right making tortured truthisms (Ross Perot) to excuse their loss.