Reid Predicts Victory over Collins

Those special elections might be going to his head.

Reid’s upbeat mood suggests how deep the GOP’s troubles are. This week, he declared that Democrats will defeat popular two-term incumbent Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, who today is ahead in every poll. Collins, a moderate Republican with a reputation for working across the aisle (a reputation Reid feels is undeserved), currently leads her Democratic challenger, Rep. Tom Allen, by double digits and has a favorability rating in the 70 percent range.

Collins is popular in Maine, and she is viewed as a moderate by right and left alike, so generic campaigns tying her to Bush or the far right are probably not going to work.

What could work would be a campaign highlighting her activity as chair of the Senate’s oversite committee, painting her as “complicit” with the Bush administration and working to tie her to that Republican brand we’ve been hearing so much about this week.