On a Serious Note

As I’ve said before, one of the truly puzzling things about the Clinton campaign has been the way it’s been standoffish about surrogates who are clearly damaging it. Bill Clinton is insulting the superdelegates that Hillary needs to vote for her, Geraldine Ferraro continues to stir up animosity with a racial bent and furthering the perception that the Clinton campaign is trying to exploit racial division, and now, Lanny Davis is having a fight with DNC members and uncommitted superdelegates (conflict cited earlier).

Jon Ausman is a DNC Member and uncommited superdelegate (who endorsed Dennis Kucinich for heaven’s sake), just the kind of person that the Clinton campaign needs on their side now. But not only does Lanny undiplomatically confront him, he basically tries to humiliate him in front of the press.

If anyone knows where I can lay a bet on Ausman casting his ballot for Obama, let me know.