Oh, Those Great Quirks

You can’t help but like the potential here:

In an earlier era the Sergeant of Arms would arrest Rove and jail him in the basement of the Capitol building. But in our post-modern media age I suggest a more suitable course of action: Congress should hire “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” (Duane Lee Chapman), to hunt down Rove on national television. It would be a ratings winner (especially among the coveted 18-to 29-year olds), the advertisers would be overjoyed, and the American people could finally see Rove’s Pillsbury Doughboy ass cowering in the bathroom behind a shower curtain when “Dog” and his buxom wife, Beth “The Huntress,” flush him out, rough him up, and slap handcuffs on him. “Dog,” who is a devout Christian, would have the chance to show his patriotism, rescue his country, and arrest the highest-profile fugitive of his career. The nation would have “closure” as well as a much-needed distraction from the war and the depression.

Well, we put Fox on TV.